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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.54.624.3

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Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Introduction of Bike Profiles, which keep track of total mileage per bike and allow users to set the wheel diameter individually for each bike
  • You can now switch your page sets and bike in-ride. Select Edit Ride from the in-ride menu to make these changes
  • Choosing to ride a route through the routes menu on the home screen now adds the route to the ride launcher, where the page set and bike can be selected
  • The Map now can be configured to always be oriented northward. Along with this, the compass was returned to the map view  To enter North-Up mode, the rider presses on the compass. To return to standard map mode, press on the cursor icon in the bottom left of the North-Up map.
  • Rerouting has been improved to better move the rider forward to resume the route
  • Side-loaded applications now automatically show up in the launcher alongside official Hammerhead applications
    • While we don’t officially support this use case, we appreciate the ingenuity of our community and want to make the process more convenient
  • If internet connectivity is not available, elevation calibration is performed using GPS data (previously, elevation calibration was only possible when internet connectivity was available)
  • Refinements to the rider cursor and scale meter shown on the map view

Bug Fixes:

  • An intermittent issue causing data fields to appear blank has been resolved
  • Improvements have been made for re-routing if a rider is on a dirt/gravel road while riding a road route
  • Performance improvements reduce the time that Karoo takes to prepare turn-by-turn directions for long routes
  • Fixed a number of issues causing a "Continue ride" message to get stuck on the navigation banner
  • Fixed an error with rerouting that could occur when a ride’s out-bound route overlapped with its return route
  • The syncing of accounts and making routes available with turn-by-turn instructions has been improved. This removes false negatives where routes were causing a “breadcrumb only” navigation warning when full TbT instructions were in-fact available
  • Waypoint markers, as seen when viewing routes on Karoo, are again centered on the route line rather than being offset from the line
  • Fixed a long-time issue where the first press of the B/C buttons for zooming or otherwise navigating could sometimes be missed
  • Using the hardware buttons to zoom in on zoomable fields no longer moves in and out by two increments instead of one
  • An error was corrected where a user could be notified that they needed to logon to Karoo but when navigating to settings->Hammerhead Account, it appeared that the user was already logged on
  • The order of pages displayed when swiping the screen was backward compared to the order defined in the pages application. This has been fixed
  • The management of the creation of accounts and logging in on Karoo is expanded to allow additional characters, and the messages displayed for improper characters when present is accurate
  • Added support for non-standard characters previously missing from the sign-up name field
  • Karoo no longer displays a “No Notifications" message when dismissing the Quick Menu

Features and Bug Fixes Still in Progress:

Dashboard Update:

  • It is now possible to force a road route down a dirt/gravel road by explicitly clicking on a dirt/gravel road. Previously it was not possible to override this behavior
  • Background clean-up operations were improved, preventing an issue that could cause the Dashboard to become unavailable due to resource limitations

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