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Karoo Software Build Version 1.174.947.3

Posted by Hammerhead Team on

Features and Introductions



Now, you can see the road name for the upcoming turn at any point, not just as you approach it. Simply tap the Distance To Next Turn box at the bottom of the screen (requires “Always On” Turn By Turn settings). Additionally, if a road name is too long to show completely, just swipe up on the banner to see the full instruction.



We’ve cased the route line in black, widened it, and further angled the chevrons to ensure it is clear against the map with any background, at any brightness, in direct sunlight.



The algorithm for automatically determining wheel circumference with a speed sensor has been refined to recalculate the circumference less frequently.



Karoo will now show “Battery Low” warnings for more ANT+ sensors than just radar.


TEXT MESSAGE [Karoo 2 only]

If a text message is too long to show completely, just swipe up on the banner to see more.


Karoo bug fixes


  • We’ve improved the fidelity with which Karoo records distance from speed sensors. This results in steadier accumulation of distance throughout the ride and therefore smoother speed graphs when uploaded to services such as Strava.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing endurance mode to trigger out of memory errors on long rides.
  • Fixed the issue that caused some Karoos to fill up with a very large number of default profiles. (Note: write in to our support team if you have experienced this and it’s still not been resolved, and we’ll get you up and running again quickly.)
  • Fixed an issue that led to "Unknown partner komoot" appearing in your ride upload notifications if Komoot had been connected on Dashboard. We don’t currently support uploading to Komoot (but let us know if this would be valuable to you!).
  • [Karoo 1 only] Fixed an issue where editing a route on Karoo led to a blank route preview once you stopped editing.
  • [Karoo 2 only] We’ve fixed an issue that had been causing ANT+ Sensors to drop out periodically from Karoo 2.


Dashboard bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the imported routes didn’t correctly show their source icon/logo.
  • Fixed an issue where Komoot imported routes all were given the same name, rather than the proper name from Komoot.

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