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Karoo Software Build Version 1.177.956

Posted by Hammerhead Team on


See a full cuesheet for your entire route, from any screen in-ride. Simply swipe up on any navigation cue to see all the remaining maneuvers till your destination. Remember, tapping on the Distance To Next Turn Box will bring up the next turn cue. This is available for rerouting and routing to a pin or POI, as well.

We released Version 1.3 maps and navigation information (you may have already noticed this!)

We restored the ability to download offline regions over a SIM cellular data plan. Note: this may incur charges based on your SIM data plan.



Sensor searching has been improved for faster pairing, connecting, and reconnecting to sensors. As part of these changes, Karoo will also stop looking for any additional sensors after 2 minutes of riding to save battery (you can manually override this and tell Karoo to continue searching if you need to).



We’ve narrowed the path lines for Strava Live Segments, so they are less obstructing, especially when riding with a route. This is a visual change only and doesn’t affect segment matching or any other behavior of Strava Live Segments on Karoo.



For improved legibility, we’ve increased the font size for top-of-screen Alert Banners such as Ride Not Recording or Karoo Battery Low.


PHONE PAIRING [Karoo 2 only]

By simplifying the possible connection states between a smartphone and Karoo 2, we’ve made it more likely that pairing a phone with Karoo 2 for notifications goes smoothly.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some long-standing bugs with sensors:
    • Resolved issue with SRM power that were previously causing application crashes as a result of auto-calibrations.
    • Using a BLE speed sensor no longer stops Karoo from reporting or recording cadence from other sensors
  • Fixed an issue that caused Di2 hood buttons to progress Karoo 2 data screens in the direction opposite what one would expect.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Key Button Icons and the Distance To Next Turn Box to disappear after using the App Switcher while in a ride.
  • We corrected the label for Power Zones in the settings app.
  • We’ve increased the maximum distance for Strava Live Segments by 5X. 50+ mile segments can now correctly display elevation and competitors.
  • [Karoo 2 only] Fixed display of non-english map and turn-by-turn text for locals such as Greece, Thailand, Iraq, and Taiwan.
  • [Karoo 2 only] Fixed an issue that caused non-audio devices to appear in the Bluetooth Audio pairing list.



  • 3rd Party logos will now appear immediately after uploading a ride using the “...” menu on Dashboard.

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