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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.81.663.3

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Note that you'll have to redownload your maps upon installing this update due to the updated tiles. This should happen automatically, but please allow enough time to do this before your next ride.

Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Routes now include chevrons to indicate the direction of travel. This applies for a distance in front of the rider’s current location, and also for points of route reentry
  • Updated maps and navigation tiles
  • Battery percentage remaining is now being recorded in fit files for every reported percentage change
  • The color of the notification bar and launcher circle has been updated to make it consistent and differentiated when riding, in manual pause, and in auto-pause
  • Datastream management optimizations, which have the effect of faster ride starts and overall execution efficiency

Bug Fixes:

  • Internal workings have been improved to further save on battery drain rate.
  • Units have been added to the field names for Distance To Destination and similar data fields
  • Compass now rotates when map is unlocked
  • Fixed a bug that was causing elevation calibration look-up by internet service to fail even when connectivity was available. Prior to this fix, elevation calibration was falling back to use GPS in all cases (other than manual calibration)
  • Fixed a bug with Wifi not being re-enabled at the end of a ride. This was happening if the screen turned off after five consecutive minutes of the ride being paused
  • Fixed a bug where placing a disabled GPS sensor above a speed sensor in the sensor priority list would prevent the speed sensor from working
  • The map scale bar now shows the units in metric or imperial based on user preference
  • Changed the current grade field to no longer show -0% for small negative grades. The field now shows 0% instead

Features and Bug Fixes Still in Progress:

Dashboard Software Build Version: (1.0.018):

  • Fixed an issue where sharing a route from Dashboard did not behave properly if the recipient was not already logged in to their Dashboard. A logged-out recipient will be now prompted to login
  • Dashboard now provides a link to download the Route Grab Chrome extension allows single-click route import from third-party sites
  • Dashboard now links back to the main Hammerhead site

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