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Hometown Hero: Virginie Palermo 

Why do you cycle and what does it do for you? For Virginie Palermo, cycling is a conduit for unlocking creativity, maintaining an active lifestyle, and nurturing physical and mental well-being. But it wasn’t always that way; initially, she viewed her bike as simple transportation, supporting her travel between Toronto and Ottawa.

The sense of freedom she gained during her journeys grew into true passion. She soon found a desire for speed, longer distances, and a sense of improvement. The transition to a road bike marked a pivotal moment, sparking an obsession with progress and a deeper understanding of mechanics.

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"Cycling never gets easier, you only get faster."

The concept of never-ending progression encapsulated the enduring allure of cycling for Virginie. Reflecting on three years of road cycling and a transformative trip to Mallorca, she directed her focus toward experiences, the cols, and community. Having recently relocated from Canada to Denmark, Virginie discovered a true cycling haven in Copenhagen, swiftly transitioning from cityscape to idyllic country roads, all within 15 minutes. Her new home and search for exploration have unfolded as the ultimate adventure, exposing her to new perspectives and providing connection to new communities. 

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