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Inspiring Positivity and Change

From Grand Tours to mountain trails, female cyclists are breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes, all while displaying a powerful statement of equity and equality.

We are proud to support Hammerhead ambassador, Kelsey Smith, and Luft Los Angeles as they host the 3rd installment of The Radical Women of Los Angeles, featuring Kate Veronneau, the Director of Women’s Strategy at Zwift.

*This event is dedicated to women identifying cyclists only


Route 66, the iconic highway that once connected the heart of America, remains a symbol of adventure and nostalgia. Spanning over 2,400 miles from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California, this road has witnessed the evolution of the nation.

On August 11th, Hammerhead Ambassador, Adrian Andrada joined with Oliver The Road (a 501-c3 nonprofit) and set off from Santa Monica to Illinois, raising awareness (and funds) for The Airow Project. Aiming to promote mental and physical health through outdoor adventure, The Airow Project will send a portion of proceeds to provide adaptive gear to those in need.


From gravel workshops to multi-day bikepacking rallies, The Sisters In The Wild provide a welcoming environment for all women-identifying riders to learn and connect with the outdoor community.

Between freshwater marshes to lowland heath, the East Devon Trail provides a scenic rural and coastal landscape in the county’s capital Exeter, United Kingdom. We’re proud to support Sisters In The Wild as they continue to create immersive and inclusive experiences.