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[VIDEO] Make the Most of Indoor Training with Your Karoo

Posted by Hammerhead Team on

[VIDEO] Make the Most of Indoor Training with Your Karoo

In our latest video, @Fernwee runs through some ways to get the most out of your indoor workouts with your Karoo.



We recently added structured workouts to the Karoo. And while these intervals are designed to work perfectly outdoors, we also not-so-quietly snuck in FE-C smart trainer support to make your Karoo the perfect indoor training partner.

With many regions adding constraints on outdoor activities, more and more cyclists are moving indoors to train and keep fit. In fact, so many have taken their riding indoors that turbo trainers have suddenly become one of 2020’s hottest commodities.



And, of course, with indoor cycling rapidly developing as an esport of its own independent of conditions in the real world, we’re delighted that the Karoo can also join you for your Zwift Academy plans, your all-too-serious weeknight grand fondos, and your attempts to drop Geraint Thomas on the back streets of Watopia.

We’d love to hear how your Karoo is keeping you fit during these times. Reach out to us over email or social media using the #hammerheadrides hashtag.


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