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5 Ways the Karoo 2 Beats All Other Cycling Computers

Written by Reese Ruland

Have you ever looked down at your cycling computer’s screen and wondered why the computer’s capabilities or even the screen’s display was something closer to the Nokia you played Snake on than the iPhone or Android you now use? Join the club.

For many cyclists, we’ve been stuck with sub-par technology. The days of boring and outdated cycling computers are over. The Karoo 2 is hands down the best cycling computer I’ve ever used. Here are some of the main features that set it apart from all the rest.

1. The Stunning Screen and Display

The Karoo 2’s screen and display are second to none. Literally- compared to the Garmin 1030+ and Wahoo Roam, the Karoo 2 has the highest pixels per inch at 292 PPI compared to 157 PPI and 166 PPI respectively. If you have ever used a touch screen tablet or phone, you’ll know how to find your way around the Karoo 2. When the screen is unlocked, you can scroll, zoom in, and out, just as you would on say, your phone’s Google Maps app. Like a map on your phone, Karoo’s map is in color. You can zoom in enough to see the names of streets or landmarks. The streets are also color-coded to let you know what kind of road it is- highway, dirt road, trail, etc.

2. Regular Software Updates

Hammerhead’s software team is constantly updating new features, which is great for customers. Unlike Wahoo and Garmin, we don’t have to wait around for months on end to get a new feature or to fix a bug. Every two weeks, the Karoo 2 asks you to perform a quick update while you are connected to WiFi. After it is downloaded and installed - right on your device, no app needed - you have access to all of the newest software features. This brings me to one of my favorite features…

3. The CLIMBER Feature

As a cyclist living in Colorado, climbs are always a part of my rides. One of my favorite features of the Karoo2 is the Climber feature, something the Wahoo Roam and Bolt are lacking. The Climber auto-detects upcoming climbs and gives you a full breakdown page with helpful information like how far you have until the climb starts, how long the climb is, and how much vertical you gain. This feature tells you the average gradient of sections of the climb, as well as color codes the grades on a visual profile of the climb. It’s incredibly helpful to anticipate what’s ahead, pace, and push during my climbs.

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4. Seamless Navigation

I’ve already mentioned that the map feature is incredibly robust, so it comes as no surprise that the navigation on the Karoo 2 is also top-notch. One of my favorite features of the Karoo 2, one you won’t find on Garmin or Wahoo, is the Pin Drop route navigation. Simply drop a pin on the map and the Karoo2 will route you to your destination. Should you have a route already built, you can easily upload a GPX (or similar) file to the Karoo 2 via your dashboard or make a route using the Hammerhead dashboard route creator. Once you’ve synced your Karoo 2 over wifi, the route will appear on your device. When you go to use your route during your ride, it will autoroute you to the start of your route if you are not exactly where you began the route. Once you are following the route, you’ll get awesome turn-by-turn directions. Arrows will appear on any screen, so you don’t need to stay on the map screen 100% of the time. You can also view a full list of the turns that are coming up. And let’s just say you go off route, maybe you want to change your destination. The K2 will reroute any route length in under five seconds. You’ll be waiting around for over 20 seconds with a Garmin 1030+. If you’re still moving as it reroutes, 20 seconds is long enough that you might have already missed your next turn! 

5. The Price Point

I can hear everyone shifting uncomfortably in their seats on this one. But hear me out. At $399 it isn’t the cheapest option, but compared to the other computers you can get at a similar price (Wahoo Elemnt at $380 and Garmin Edge 810 at $400) the Karoo 2, in my opinion, offers more bang for the buck. You don’t need an app that is complicated and hard to navigate through or one that needs to be updated constantly. You can create routes and sync directly over wifi or hotspot, not to mention all of the other awesome features already mentioned.

From the screen, to the software, features, navigation and price, I’m a happy Karoo 2 customer.

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