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We are on a mission.

The bicycle is a force of good in the world. From transportation to competition, cycling enhances the lives of everybody it touches, reliably making them healthier, fitter, and a better version of themselves. This quest for personal improvement, and the benefits it confers are at the core of our mission at Hammerhead:

To inspire & empower all people to unlock their athletic potential through cycling.

We are building the future of cycling.

We are here to build the best product in our category, and have assembled a team of highly disciplined individuals dedicated to mastering our craft. We are not interested in spreading ourselves thin to produce a wide range of products that won't push the boundaries of their categories. We only build products that we believe will be the best in their class, and are fully focused on making Karoo 2 the world’s best cycling computer.

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We ride first.

Hammerhead was founded in 2013 by Piet Morgan (CEO) and Laurence Wattrus (Head of Technology). During a 3,000-mile ride across the United States, Piet realized that the cycling computer market was falling short of the needs of cyclists. Piet teamed up with life-long cyclist, engineer, and childhood friend, Laurence, to bring to life his vision for the future of cycling. The core needs of the cyclist have guided, and will always guide, the priorities of Hammerhead.

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We work as a team.

We have a strong culture of athletics, with many members of the team being passionate cyclists who maintain a solid foundation of mentorship for members new to the sport. This provides a basis for excellence, as we seek to foster in our work environment that same dedication, precision, and companionship of an elite sport team. A solution-oriented eagerness to serve the greater team’s goals is a paramount characteristic of the culture at Hammerhead. Building a team of excellence, allows us to provide maximum freedom in the structure of our work. We have created systems for remote work since our company’s inception, offer flexible work hours, and limitless time off.

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We support each other.

We all play our part in striving for excellence and step outside of our role when necessary to support one another, in the knowledge that everyone else is bringing the same level of dedication to our mission. In that same spirit, we support each team member with the following benefits.

  • Remote-friendly
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Strava and Zwift subscription reimbursement
  • Race/event fees reimbursement
  • Discretionary daily training/workout time
  • 401k program
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We are trusted by the best.

Hammerhead is headquartered in New York City and is a proud and independently run subsidiary of SRAM with a shared commitment to improving the cycling experience.

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