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The 5 Best Gifts for Cyclists in 2022

1. The Hammerhead Karoo 2

Rated the “best cycling computer you’re not using” by Bicycling.com, the Karoo 2 is a next-generation cycling computer that’s giving its more legacy competitors a run for its money. From its stunning touchscreen and color display, to Strava and Komoot integrations, pin-drop auto-routing and turn-by-turn navigation features, the Karoo 2 is the perfect ride companion to any performance or adventure rider out there. The Karoo 2 even has Predictive Path Technology, which allows you to anticipate upcoming climbs and curves for more efficient pacing. And perhaps the best part of the Karoo 2 is its continuous updates. Hammerhead, the maker of the Karoo 2, pushes regular software updates every 2 weeks so the device continues to evolve with the most advanced cycling tech and features available. Quite simply, the Karoo 2 is a gift to make any cyclist say “wow”.

€399 EUR.
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2. Strava Subscription

Challenge yourself against your past efforts, your friends and millions of other athletes with Live Segments on Strava Premium. Accelerate your training by charting your progress with unique analysis tools and an interactive record of your activities. And discover new routes with heat-mapping and route planning features. Now through December 21st, you can get a free 60-day Strava subscription trial with a Karoo 2 Solstice Bundle purchase.

3. Komoot Premium

Komoot is an industry-leading routing and mapping platform for adventure-inclined riders that need reliable navigation out on the road. Go further with Komoot Premium by unlocking Multi-Day Planning, Live-Tracking, On-Tour Weather and much more. Now through December 21st, you can get a free 60-day trial membership to Komoot Premium free with a Karoo 2 Solstice Bundle purchase.

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4. Velocio Cycling Gear

Making highly technical cycling apparel can be bad for the environment. Cycling apparel has followed fast fashion into a culture of snatch and grab turnover. Here today. Landfill tomorrow. Velocio takes responsibility for their role in sustainable sourcing by seeking out the most environmentally responsible suppliers possible and they’re the only cycling apparel brand that gives 1% of its revenue to environmental causes.

5. TyreWiz

TyreWiz is a lightweight and durable device that fits right onto the valve of your bike’s tire. It works by utilizing ANT+ technology to relay data right to your cycling computer and the SRAM AXS app. TyreWiz also utilizes LED lights to indicate when tire pressure is outside of the target range, eliminating the need to ride with a phone for those choosing to unplug. Learn more.

Whether it’s the Karoo 2 Solstice Bundle (with Strava and Komoot premium free), premier cycling gear from Velocio, or the reliable, peace-of-mind from TyreWiz, any of these gifts are sure to make your cyclist smile (and ride!) this holiday season.

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