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Karoo Software Build Version 1.320.1298

Posted by Hammerhead Team on

Improved Sensor Details Page

Introducing a simplified and improved Sensor Details page for all of your sensors added on Karoo. Now it’s easier than ever to check the connection or battery status, configure your sensor’s information, and more. If a sensor has more than one battery (e.g. your AXS groupset with 4 batteries), you can see the status of each battery individually. 


Simplified Sensor Experience

To simplify the sensor experience on Karoo, we’ve removed "Built-in GPS" from the sensors list. To determine whether GPS is on or off, go to the Profiles App on Karoo to configure your profiles as Outdoor or Indoor profiles. Note that if you connect a speed sensor while using an Outdoor profile, the Karoo will use the speed sensor for speed and distance calculation. 


Improved ANT+ Low Pressure Alerts

We’ve improved the “Low Pressure” alerts for ANT+ Tire Pressure sensor users to only trigger when a leak is detected in your tire. Now, you can use the ANT+ Tire Pressure sensor’s target pressure to inflate your tires precisely, while still relying on Karoo to alert you if anything is wrong mid-ride.


New ANT+ Tire Pressure Data Field

We’ve added a new graphical data field for ANT+ Tire Pressure sensor users. It shows both front and rear tires’ pressure, each tire’s target pressure once it is configured, and whether or not the pressure is outside of your target limits (green indicates within your set limits, red indicates outside of your set limits). 


Bug Fixes:

  • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause sensors to appear connected but not record any data.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause smart lights to turn off on their own in-ride.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Karoo to keep recording your ride when on auto-pause.
  • We’ve improved the Karoo’s ability to resume long rides after powering down for long breaks (e.g. multi-day adventures).
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause an infinite "saving your ride" spinner.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Karoo to close your profile and jump back to the Home Screen mid-ride.


Dashboard Software:

  • We’ve raised the limit of how many routes you can import by file at once. Now you can drag in up to 50 route files to import at once!
  • We’ve added the ability to create and import routes directly into a Collection: simply click the yellow “Add Routes” button from within the Collection you want to add new routes to.
  • We’ve updated the limit for how many maps you can select on Dashboard. It now matches Karoo 2’s storage limit.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause routes to appear missing from Collections






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